We know the importance of investing in R + D + I, that is why our technical department collaborates with the most prestigious research centers, both nationally and Europeanly, looking for more efficient future alternatives that allow us to continue evolving and providing our products the latest technology, always offering the best benefits tailored to the needs of each farmer.




The project “Quality improvement of intelligent systems for productive greenhouse tomato cultivation” is focused on increasing the competitiveness of small and medium producers. Due to technological gaps produced by the high cost of implementation and the need to an appropriate training, they cannot benefit from advantages and modernization in both management and economic control of operating costs. Therefore, with the ICT´s application through tele-management systems focused on irrigation, plant and soil control, it´s intended to improve tomato production and quality, optimizing the management and control of fertigation in cultivation systems. The expected result is to improve productivity and quality by 20% and water and fertilizers savings by more than 15%.

BERRIES 4.0 Project

The project “Greenhouses 4.0 for the sustainable production of superfoods (BERRIES 4.0)” focuses on the development of a comprehensive management and control system for the sustainable cultivation of food with high added value in the greenhouse. For this, a new management system with the latest generation components of a greenhouse will be created, easily adaptable and scalable. It is intended to achieve a control system based on learning capable of managing the greenhouse as a closed system, preventing drains from being dumped into the environment and saving water and fertilizers. This will undoubtedly contribute to greenhouses being sustainable systems. In short, it is about going to “Industry 4.0” that save energy and raw materials (more efficient allocation of resources) and reduce missions and drainage.


The main focus of Hidroleaf project is to develop and validate an integral system for the sustainable production of leafy horticultural plants in greenhouse and in indoor cultivation by artificial light, applying the new ICT technologies to optimize plant growing conditions. The Hidroleaf project, whose objective is to promote technological development, innovation and quality research has been funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the FEDER fund.

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The project objective is develop a system for intelligent irrigation based on the monitoring of different environmental parameters in crops without soil. The system will decide intelligently the right time to irrigate and the amount of water needed, thanks determination precised of water status of the crop and the environmental parameters, taking into account the phenological state of the plant, the type of substrate and the quality of the water used.

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The AGRINUPES project focuses on the design and development of an integrated, effective and sustainable control system for water and nutrient management. For this, innovative selective ion sensors and biosensors will be used for the efficient control of water, nutrients and their reuse, minimizing the impact on the environment. This project has received funding from the ERA-NET COFUND WATERWORKS 2015 with co-financing from the CDTI and the Framework Program for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, from the European Union.

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The main objetive of the project is demonstrate through the design, construction and commissioning of a pilot re-circulation water system, reusing the drainage in the Euro-Mediterranean regions. The pilot system will be tested in tomato plants, one of the most economically important and widespread crops in southern Europe. The pilot system proposed here may collect the drains from the normal irrigation of the tomato plantation, disinfect them and adjust the nutrient concentration, pH and electrical conductivity in order to make drains.

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Smart Olive Irrigation Project

The project will create a tool that allows to program the irrigation intelligently in olive groves, taking into account the specific agrometeorological conditions, thus helping the farmer to make decisions associated with irrigation management and allowing them to be implemented and executed automatically through an ICT solution.

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Support Program for Connected Industry 4.0

Riegos y Tecnologia, S.L. participates in the project “Intelligence of monitoring systems in greenhouse crops through the Internet of Things (IoT)” co-financed by the Murcia Region Development Institute and the European Regional Development Fund FEDER. Its main objective is the incorporation into the company of new information and telecommunications systems that allow the management of information from the areas of the company related to product design and manufacturing, towards a new model of “intelligent manufacturing of irrigation systems ”Where information management becomes the basis of continuous improvement and process optimization, both at the inter-company level and in the interconnection with our client companies, where the possibility of interacting remotely can bring significant savings of times and costs

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IRIS Project (CEBAS)

Joint project with European technology companies in the agricultural sector, which a comparative study between irrigation and recycled water and its use in agriculture will be carried out

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Project funded by the VII European Framework Program that proposes to use CO2 and wastewater from farms for agricultural use.

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OPIRIS Project

This project aims to develop an expert system for precision irrigation programming (OpIRIS) using the results obtained in previous projects of the framework program (FP) on the productivity of water and fertilizers in fruit trees and hydroponic crops in greenhouses. In countries with scarce water resources and where irrigation requires more than 70% of them, competition for this resource is exacerbated and will continue in this way as long as the demand for water increases and its quality decreases. In 2012, the EU report on the potential for water savings in EU countries noted that improving efficiency in water use would save 15 to 60% (BIO Intelligent Service, 2012).

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The general objective of the WISECROPCONTROL project is to develop a climate controller that is capable of identifying the best combination of climate actuators (windows, heating, fans, fogging, screen, etc.) through an innovative algorithm based on a photosynthesis model. , in order to achieve the highest photosynthetic production of a certain species under greenhouse. This climate controller will be unique in the market, and it is presented as an advanced tool for managing the climate in an efficient and precise way that will mean an improvement in production and a saving of resources.


AgritechMurcia brings together technology companies in the Region of Murcia and Research Centers offering comprehensive, flexible and efficient solutions to farmers around the world with the regional government supporting.

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TECNOVA is a technological center made up with more than 120 companies of auxiliary industry in agriculture. RITEC is one of the founding patrons, which adds value to the agricultural sector. The main activities developed are: R&D, training, promotion and foreign trade.

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Public and private cooperation network for the promotion of R & D & I among national scientific and technological agents, led by industry and the rest of the water business sector. Its mission is the innovation and constant improvement of the technologies and processes applicable to the sustainable management of the integral water cycle, as well as the improvement of employment, competitiveness and internationalization of the sector.

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The Spanish Association of Manufacturers-Exporters of Agricultural Machinery and its Components, Greenhouses, Crop Protection, Irrigation Systems, Livestock Equipment, Animal Health and Nutrition, Forestry, Biomass and Post-harvest Machinery. AGRAGEX, is a non-profit association created in 1978 and whose main objective is to serve the agricultural sector through assistance in its promotional actions in foreign markets and the defense of the general interests of its associated companies.
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Title and file: “Design of an intelligent irrigation system using a weighing system”. File number: 2018.08.ID + I.0006

Brief Summary: The main objective to be achieved is the development of a new efficient and automated irrigation control tool, based on the use of a weighing scale that will include sensors and irrigation control algorithms in soilless crops under greenhouse.