In RIEGOS Y TECNOLOGÍA, S.L. we are dedicated to the manufacture and installation of automated turnkey systems for fertirrigation, climate control and application of phytosanitary treatments.

And we are committed to:

  • The continuous improvement of processes and products, with the least environmental impact.
  • Satisfy the expectations and requirements of clients and other interested parties.
  • The safety and health of our workers, collaborators and associates.
  • Compliance with legal requirements and other applicable requirements.
  • Teamwork, placing emphasis on increasing the efficiency of processes, increasing our competitiveness in the market through quality.

We bet on Research and development, as a tool for differentiation and expansion into new markets. We hope to consolidate ourselves as a leading company in the sector, thanks to our levels of quality, technology and innovation, customer service and attention.

With a view to sustainable development, growth and continued profitability. It is our purpose and towards it we aim!