We install air recirculation systems inside the greenhouse to ensure a greater distribution of air and homogeneity in temperature, humidity and phytosanitary treatments.

Electric control panels

We have a team that manufactures and installs custom electrical control panels for all types of systems.

Heating system

We design and install heating systems adapted to any need, either through hot air or water conduction through plastic or metal.

Cooling and extractors

We develop and install cooling systems using wet panels and extractors, to ensure a homogeneous distribution of air that allows to lower the temperature of the greenhouse.

CO2 contribution

We design and install systems to provide CO2 in the greenhouse to improve crop yield and productivity.

Insulation system of air chamber

We supply blowers and accessories to provide the greenhouse with an air chamber that provides greater insulation.

Humidification system with air-water nozzles

System to humidify the interior of the greenhouse by means of an air-water mixture at low pressure and adjustable drop size. It allows to increase the humidity and lower the temperature without wetting the plant or obstructing the nozzle. In addition, phytosanitary treatments can be applied.

Low pressure humidification system (water only): FOGGER

We design and install low pressure humidification systems, an economic measure to increase humidity and lower the temperature inside the greenhouse.